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Planning any event involves a lot of time and coordination and most people don't have either if you don't have any experience. That's where we come in. You want a trusted team of vendors to help execute your event flawlessly.  You don't want to stress about all the details, but you know you want the details! You just want someone else to make them happen.

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You want a planner who is good with translating visions into reality.

You want a planner you can depend on.

You want a planner who cares about the details.

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She went above and beyond and was willing to do anything that needed to be done to ensure that my family and I had a stress free day!  She was organized and on time to meetings and with the wedding.

Miranda is absolutely amazing. She took care of everything from helping me find a venue, to even taking my veil to get it cleaned for me. When it came down to the day of, if anything caused complications, I never even knew it. Everything went so smoothly and just the way I imagined it would.

Miranda is the best! TShe made my wedding everything I imagined and more! I don't know what I would have done without her! I would DEFINETLY recommend her if your looking for a planner.

Miranda wasa pleasure to work with during our wedding experience! She was always available when I needed to chat and assisted with stepping in with venue coordination when last minute conflicts presented themselves. 

Miranda wasa pleasure to work with during our wedding experience! She was always available when I needed to chat and assisted with stepping in with venue coordination when last minute conflicts presented themselves. 

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but it doesn't have to be!

Choosing your planner can feel exhausting

RUN! Don't WALK to book Miranda! She came through for me like I couldn't imagine! We had bared the burden of planning this wedding and it was such a relief to pass it off to four HIGHLY capable hands! 

kind words from clients

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We have created a 4-phase approach to planning that includes Planning, Design, Coordination, and Execution. Phase 1, the Planning Phase begins after you secure our services, usually 12-18 months before your wedding. Each phase lasts between 1-4 months.

What is your process?

If you’ve already secured some vendors, then we request that you send us the contracts, so we can determine what guidelines you are contractually bound to. If you don’t have a contract with a vendor (perhaps if you hired a family friend), now would be a good time to get the agreed upon services in writing and send that our way.

What if I have already hired some vendors?

This phase specifically allows us to get all the key team players for your wedding day in place. From the cake baker to the officiant to the stationary designer, we want to ensure there are no missing pieces. Once all your vendors have been identified, we will make sure

What does the Planning Phase include?

Although we do love design, we can’t be in all places at one time, so we’ve found it is more effective if we stick to planning, coordinating and managing all the elements of the wedding. That means we will ensure everything that you need for the wedding is created, purchased and ready to go for the wedding day—from big things like welcome signs and centerpieces, to the small essentials like equipment chargers. That said, we do not design the decor ourselves. We do recommend you hire a design team, and we have some excellent recommendations!

 Do you design our wedding decor?

During the Coordination Phase, we will get together and finalize the timeline. We will then distribute the approved timeline to all your wedding vendors, so we are all on the same page and no one is out of the loop.

What does the Coordination Phase include?

Yes, we will have a final walkthrough before we finalize the timeline. The purpose of this walkthrough is to map out where everything will be located and ensure all out bases are covered (for example, ensuring there are enough outlets near the DJ station).

Will we have a walk through?

The primary role of a venue coordinator is to make sure you are in and out of the venue at your specified times, and to ensure you follow the rules while you’re there. Some may go above and beyond, but that is not the norm. As your wedding planners, we are on your side and are there specifically to serve YOU. We coordinate with all your friends, family and vendors to be sure everyone is where they are supposed to be so we can keep your day on schedule, and make sure sure you are relaxed and enjoying your wedding.

Our venue has a coordinator, so what will you be doing?

We have your back! We know you can depend on your mother or your maid-of-honor to help you, but they should be there to help you celebrate, not put out fires. We are like Boy Scouts with headsets and heels! We can sew on a button, fix a rip, or tend to a blister. We have back-up pantyhose, breath mints, directions to the nearest store—anything you could possibly need or want to make your day as perfect as possible. We always have an emergency kit on hand, and we always have a contingency plan in place on event days.

What if an emergency happens?

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Continuous communication throughout the planning process

Guidance in finding and booking vendors

Negotiation and finalization of vendor contracts

Expert advice on wedding design

Confirmation of day-of details with all vendors

Wedding day timeline and contact list

Day-of wedding management and coordination

Event schedule for the wedding party and family

Management of wedding rehearsal and wedding day ceremony logistics, including altar arrangement

Management of wedding reception, including directing vendors

Liaison between all vendors, bride and groom, and family throughout the entire celebration

Wedding day emergency kit 

what's included:

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Things can add up real quick for your wedding. Check out this free guide to learning how to save money while planning your big day.


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