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You LOVE designing events, but the logistic side of things is often overwhelming. Discover how we can support you.

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There are two sides to every coin just like there are two sides to event planning: logistics and design. You might be better at design and LOVE while struggling with the actual detailed planning for the event. You want to be able to focus on translating your client's vision into a cohesive designed theme and spend less time figuring out what vendors are getting where when and so on.

We're the perfect match.

You're more of a designer, and less of a planner.

Literally the best decision I made! I am a designer, I am a perfectionist but needed a planner to ensure the Planning, logistics, and coordination needs were being met. Miranda pays close attention to details, takes task on and completed the planning steps in a record time. 

Miranda was present on the planner calls, she showed up early on rehearsal day! She facilitated rehearsal and performed all things from set up, coffee station set up, room flip just as we envisioned. If you need Miranda for any aspect of your wedding day she is a dream come true! 

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With over 10+ years planning events, Miranda and Co. is here to serve you as your experienced concierge.

i like designing, but not planning.

i need extra help on the event date with someone
i don't have to train.

i need someone who can handle different roles.

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The ability to present a Team member 

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We'd love to support you whether you are in need of a planner for your special event or wedding or are a planner who needs a right hand woman to handle all the coordination.

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